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The Egyptian Governorates Competitiveness Index (EGCI) and the ENCC

The Egyptian Governorates Competitiveness Index is one of vision, collaboration, and steadfast commitment to realize a shared aspiration – to foster a more balanced and competitive environment across Egypt's diverse governorates.

The Egyptian National Competitiveness Council (ENCC), with its key role and contributions, has been instrumental in shaping this endeavor from its conceptual phase to its successful implementation.

The conceptualization of the Egyptian Governorates Competitiveness Index was spurred by a realization of the importance of balanced and competitive growth across the nation. It became evident that each governorate, with its unique characteristics and resources, needed an environment conducive to harnessing its potential. This understanding marked the genesis of the Governorates Competitiveness Initiative, aimed at improving the competitive position of each governorate, attracting investments, and increasing productivity.

The ENCC, as a policy advocacy organization, played a pivotal role in advocating for the need for such an initiative. It emphasized the importance of creating a competitive, balanced, and diversified economy, The Egyptian National Competitiveness Council was the first to advocate for the implementation of the "Egyptian Governorates Competitiveness Index" initiative during 2009 as one of the initiatives aligning with Egypt's Vision 2030.  Through its thought leadership, the ENCC influenced stakeholders to appreciate the potential of such an initiative in stimulating sustainable development across Egypt.

Once the idea was endorsed, the ENCC actively participated in designing the implementation methodology. The Council's expert input was vital in deciding to calculate the GDP for each governorate, to establish a set of predefined criteria for investment allocation, and to put in place a robust monitoring and evaluation system using fixed indicators. This methodology was designed to promote fair and objective allocation of investments, improve public investment management efficiency, and foster a competitive environment for each governorate.

Simultaneously, the ENCC worked tirelessly to build a strong network of implementing partners, including the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, the Information and Decision Support Center at the Council of Ministers, and the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics. These collaborations ensured that the initiative was backed by a broad range of expertise and resources, setting it on a path to success.

After the implementation of the Egyptian Governorates Competitiveness Index, the ENCC will actively involved in analyzing the annual reports, identifying key issues, and advocating for necessary policy changes. It will continuously engaged with stakeholders and the public, conducting forums and dialogues to share the findings of the reports, and exchange ideas to address the identified issues.

The establishment of the Egyptian Governorates Competitiveness Index is a testament to the power of collaboration and the importance of a shared vision.

The ENCC's contributions have been pivotal in this journey. But this is not the end. As we move forward, the Council will continue to play a vital role in ensuring the success of this initiative. It actively monitors and evaluates progress, undertakes further research to develop comprehensive solutions, and continues its advocacy work to drive policy changes.

The story of the Egyptian Governorates Competitiveness Index is far from over. It is an ongoing narrative of striving for a competitive, balanced, and sustainable Egypt. And in this journey, the ENCC remains committed to playing its part, ensuring that every Egyptian governorate can harness its unique potential and contribute to our nation's shared prosperity.


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