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The Egyptian National Competitiveness Council (ENCC) is a non-profit organization committed to enhancing Egypt's competitiveness in the global market. One of its critical policy advocacy areas is women's empowerment and equitable development.

In the past, the ENCC has played a vital role in advocating for policies that promote gender equality and women's empowerment in Egypt. The organization recognizes the crucial role that women play in driving economic growth and development, and is committed to ensuring that women have equal access to opportunities in the workforce and society.

To achieve its goals, the ENCC has engaged with government agencies, private sector stakeholders, civil society organizations, and women's groups to identify the key challenges and opportunities facing women in Egypt. The organization has supported the development of policies that promote gender mainstreaming, increase women's access to education and training, and provide opportunities for women's entrepreneurship and leadership.

Some of the specific initiatives that the ENCC has undertaken in this policy advocacy area include:

Developing a national strategy for women's empowerment and gender mainstreaming that aims to promote equal opportunities for women in all sectors of the economy.

Supporting the establishment of women's entrepreneurship and leadership programs that provide training, mentoring, and networking opportunities for women entrepreneurs and leaders.

Conducting research and analysis on gender gaps and inequalities in the labor market and society, and disseminating this information to policymakers and other stakeholders.

Looking to the future, the ENCC remains committed to promoting policies that support women's empowerment and equitable development in Egypt. The organization recognizes that gender inequality remains a significant challenge in the country and that there is a need for continued efforts to address this issue.

To this end, the ENCC will continue to engage with stakeholders across the public and private sectors to identify emerging trends and challenges in the area of women's empowerment and equitable development. The organization will work to develop evidence-based policies and programs that address these issues and support the development of a more gender-equal society.

Additionally, the ENCC will seek to enhance collaboration and coordination among different actors in the women's empowerment ecosystem, including government agencies, women's groups, civil society organizations, and the private sector.

In conclusion, the ENCC's policy advocacy efforts in the area of women's empowerment and equitable development are crucial to Egypt's long-term competitiveness and economic growth. By promoting policies that support gender equality and women's empowerment, the organization is helping to ensure that Egypt's workforce and society are more inclusive and equitable, leading to greater economic growth and prosperity for all Egyptians.

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