About The ENCC

The Egyptian National Competitiveness Council (ENCC) is a non-profit group for the development and support of economic policies, founded by a number of Egyptian economists, investment experts and businessmen committed to improving the competitiveness of the Egyptian economy.
The Council was established on January 9, 2005 by Law No. 84/2002 Register No: 5907.
The Council is the first and only independent Egyptian body that advocates for improving competitiveness in Egypt and works to achieve it by supporting policies aimed at improving the business environment and investment attractiveness in order to enhance the competitiveness of the Egyptian economy.

The Council has consistently addressed the principles of inclusive growth and sustainable development, serving as a channel for dialogue on economic policies among all relevant stakeholders.
Through its extensive network of relationships and close partnerships with national and international entities, the Council continuously seeks to enhance Egypt's competitiveness.

Throughout its history, the Egyptian National Competitiveness Council has demonstrated the ability to effectively support policies and advocate for improvements in cooperation with the government and all relevant authorities in an impartial and professional manner.
The Council integrates research and advocacy for national policies to bring about positive changes in the competitiveness of the Egyptian economy.

The Council's slogan, "A Better Egyptian for a Better Egypt", embodies its ultimate goal of raising the quality of life for every Egyptian citizen.

ENCC Mission

"Advocate and support reforms that enhance Egypt's competitiveness through effective cooperation between civil society, government, business, academics, international partners and all relevant stakeholders, in order to raise awareness and advocate for policies that enhance competitiveness and inclusive growth."

ENCC vision

"Improving the competitiveness of the Egyptian economy internationally and regionally by promoting a dynamic, inclusive and sustainable economic environment supported by effective policies, participation and innovation."

ENCC Strategic Objectives

  • Identifying, measuring, monitoring and evaluating the competitiveness of the Egyptian economy as contained in international classifications and indicators. In addition to publishing analyses and evaluations to highlight the main areas of economic reforms and propose areas and recommendations for improvement and reform with the aim of raising the competitiveness of the Egyptian economy to achieve a meaningful and distinct rise in the economic and social situation of Egypt.
  • Develop and support economic strategies and policy recommendations, and propose data-driven initiatives that are consensual on actions aimed at creating an enabling and competitive business environment.
  • Communicate and cooperate with various relevant authorities to create awareness of the importance of improving Egypt's competitiveness mainly by raising the effectiveness of national institutions and economic policies.

ENCC Tools

  • Monitoring and evaluation: in collaboration with key partners to facilitate and advocate for the implementation of economic, legal and regulatory reforms and policies aimed at creating momentum for successful reforms.
  • Cooperation with relevant authorities: Interaction with all relevant authorities in the economic community through conferences, workshops and seminars, as well as communication through media channels and social networks.
  • Publications and Publications:  Issuing reports, studies, policy briefs, position papers, annual reports, etc., supported by data and expert opinions, which provide an assessment of the competitiveness landscape in Egypt, identify challenges, and propose areas and recommendations for improvement.
  • Knowledge sharing: regularly update our website, conduct webinars, workshops, and conferences to disseminate knowledge, collect feedback, and promote discussions.
  • Advocacy through meetings: with ministers, officials, parliamentarians and relevant authorities.

ENCC focus priorities

  • Improving competitiveness in key sectors: The Egyptian  National Competitiveness Council will work to improve the competitiveness of key sectors of the Egyptian economy, through targeted interventions and policy initiatives.
  • Enhancing the investment climate and enabling the business environment: Focus on improving investment policies, reducing constraints, and maximizing transparency and stability.
  • Supporting the trend towards a green and sustainable economy:  Working to make Egypt a leader in sustainable economic practices, benefiting from partnerships and emphasizing the importance of green initiatives and the transition to a green economy.
  • Promoting  innovation and technology adoption: The Egyptian National Competitiveness Council will promote innovation and technology adoption, including the development of digital infrastructure, and the adoption of new technologies.
  • Financial Innovation: Drive innovative financial solutions to maximize resources and facilitate financing for development projects.
  • Enhancing Egypt's regional and global integration:  Egypt's National Competitiveness Council will work to strengthen Egypt's trade and investment relations with key regional and international partners.