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The Energy Sub-Council is one of the sub-councils of The Egyptian National Competitiveness Council (ENCC). It was established to improve Egypt's energy sector, one of the most important and strategic sectors of the country. The sub-council has been working tirelessly to achieve its goals.

The Energy Sub-Council aims to create an efficient, sustainable, and diversified energy sector that meets the needs of the country's growing population and supports economic growth. The council's vision is to transform Egypt into a leading player in the regional energy market, with a strong focus on renewable energy sources.

The Energy Sub-Council's role is to provide guidance and support to the government and other stakeholders in the energy sector.
The sub-council works closely with the government to develop policies that encourage investment in the sector and promote the use of renewable energy sources. It also engages with private sector players to identify opportunities for investment and growth in the sector.

The Energy Sub-Council has been actively involved in a number of initiatives aimed at improving the energy sector. One of its main achievements has been the development of Egypt's Integrated Sustainable Energy Strategy (ISES). The strategy aims to increase the share of renewable energy sources in Egypt's energy mix to 42% by 2035, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and create new job opportunities.

The sub-council has also been working to improve the regulatory framework for renewable energy projects. It has collaborated with the government to develop new policies and regulations that encourage investment in renewable energy, such as net metering and feed-in tariffs. These policies have helped to attract significant investment in the renewable energy sector, with several large-scale projects now under construction.

In addition, the sub-council has been working to develop new infrastructure to support renewable energy projects. It has supported the development of new transmission lines, which will enable renewable energy projects to connect to the national grid. The sub-council has also helped to establish new solar and wind power plants across the country.

Looking to the future, the Energy Sub-Council aims to continue its efforts to transform Egypt's energy sector. The sub-council will work with the government to implement the ISES and ensure that Egypt achieves its renewable energy targets. It will also continue to engage with private sector players to identify new investment opportunities in the sector.

The sub-council plans to expand its focus on energy efficiency and demand-side management. It will work to develop policies and initiatives that encourage the adoption of energy-efficient technologies and practices. This will help to reduce energy consumption and lower costs for businesses and households.

The Energy Sub-Council's work is essential for the development of Egypt's energy sector. The sector is a critical component of the country's economy and has a direct impact on the daily lives of Egyptians. The sub-council's efforts to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency will help to reduce Egypt's dependence on fossil fuels and create a more sustainable and resilient energy system. This, in turn, will support economic growth and improve the quality of life for all Egyptians.

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