Egyptian Competitiveness Reports

Tenth Report :Ten Years of Impactful Policy Advocacy
15 June 2015
Tenth Report :Ten Years of Impactful Policy Advocacy
ENCC's 9th Annual Conference “Towards Sustainable Competitiveness: Restructuring Institutions in Egypt
23 Feb 2013
The ENCC will hold its ninth annual conference entitled “Towards Sustainable Competitiveness: Restructuring Institutions in Egypt” on Sunday, February 23rd, 2014. The conference will be divided into three sessions and a luncheon keynote address
Third Report : The Egyption Competitiveness Report. (2005 – 2006)
The third edition of the Egyptian Competitiveness Report discussed the role of Innovation in strengthening the competitiveness of Egypt and focused on Industrial Performance
Fourth Report Taking the Next Big Step. ( 2006 – 2007)
The fourth Egyptian Competitiveness Report emphasized the need to implement a comprehensive regulatory reform initiative in Egypt . Speeding up regulatory reform in Egypt will help existing businesses to grow and encourages the establishment of new businesses. This is particularly true for small and medium size business that can not afford the high cost of bureaucracy
Fifth Report : Towards A Competitiveness Egypt: Where Everybody Wins. (2008)
The Fifth Egyptian competitiveness report Competitiveness Report was published under the title ”Towards a competitive Egypt: Where Everybody Wins”. The report discussed how could Egypt achieve balanced growth. On the sectoral level the report focused on the tourism sector. The report also discussed the main global challenges :peak oil, climate change, and water scarcity

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