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Strategic Objectives

1. Identify, benchmark, monitor, and evaluate Egypt’s regional end international competitiveness as reported in international rankings and indices. Furthermore,  dissemination of analysis and evaluations to highlight key areas for Egypt to implement real, sustainable and far-reaching changes to ensure a meaningful and distinct elevation in Egypt's socio-economic status.

2. Communicate and cooperate with various stakeholders from the Egyptian economic community to create awareness of the importance of improving the competitiveness of Egypt mainly through raising the productivity of national institutions and the labor force.

3. Develop and advocate strategies and economic policy recommendations, and suggest initiatives that gain national consensus on actions aimed at creating a conducive and competitive business environment.


1. Dissemination of publications including an annual report and working papers. See

2. Interaction with all stakeholders in the economic community through conferences, workshops and seminars, as well as communication via numerous media channels: audio, visual and social media networks.

3. Advocacy through one-on-one meetings with ministers, Parliamentarians and other stakeholders, through workshops, policy briefs, positions papers, annual reports and occasional papers.

4. Monitoring and evaluation in collaboration with key partners such as ERRADA to facilitate and advocate implementation of economic, legal and regulatory reforms and policies aimed at creating a momentum for successful reforms.