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Message from The Chairman

As the only independent body advocating for and working towards improving economic competitiveness in Egypt, the ENCC assumes a pivotal role in Egypt's future development  path. It is a role that presents significant  challenges but with it exciting opportunities through  close coordination, cooperation and guidance  with the private sector, academia and government, to make demonstrable and sustainable changes in Egypt's economic future: improving business environment, investor attractiveness and improving the lives of Egypt's young and vibrant population.

These aspirations are achievable and working through ENCC's various sub-councils, projects and committees, and the unique entities under ENCC, such as the high profile Business Advisory Council (BAC) and close collaboration with the Egyptian Regulatory Reform and Development Activity, Egypt is poised to make real, sustainable and far-reaching changes in the management of its legal and regulatory framework that will ensure a meaningful and distinct elevation in Egypt's socio-economic status.